I conceptualize games first and foremost as art objects and am interested in games that create profound and unique experiences. I'm most attracted to games that have a strong storytelling or narrative element, and that encourage the player to make significant choices. TTRPGs are my passion due to my love of world-building and writing. You can find me at most of the PAX conventions, and at conventions throughout the US, Europe, and Australia.


Games Resume


  • Cape May: Marketing
  • Dawn: Marketing
  • Embryo Machine: Marketing
  • Land Vs Sea: Marketing
  • Paint the Roses: Marketing



  • Agents of SMERSH Epic Edition: Game Development, Writing, Editing
  • Ascension Tactics: Marketing
  • A War of Whispers: Dark Alliance: Game & Creative Development
  • Buru: Art Direction
  • Eldritch Foundry: Marketing
  • Epic Card Game Duels: Game Development
  • Epic Card Game Digital: Game Development
  • Flourish: Game Development
  • Glitter Hearts: Graphic Design
  • Good Games Publishing: Marketing
  • Guf Games: Marketing
  • Gun and Gun: Marketing
  • I Built It: Marketing
  • Kradia: Wild Hunt Festival: Marketing
  • Lucky Duck Games: Marketing
  • Opening Night: Game Development
  • PolyHero Dice: Rogue Inspiration Cards: Development
  • Pyramid Quartet: Marketing
  • Role: Marketing
  • Roll Player Adventures: Game Development
  • SandcastlesGame Development
  • Sentinels of Freedom: Marketing
  • Sleeping Gods: Editing
  • Testament: Marketing
  • Theatre in a Box: Marketing



  • Alien Frontiers: Factions Definitive Edition: Editing, Marketing, Production
  • Anomaly: Game & Creative Development, Graphic Design, Writing, Editing, Marketing, Production
  • Archmage: Ascendant: Game & Creative Development, Editing, Marketing, Production
  • A War of Whispers: Game & Creative Development, Editing, Marketing, Production
  • Black Orchestra Conspirator Packs: Marketing
  • Dig Dog Dig: Marketing
  • Everdell: Bellfaire: Game & Creative Development, Editing, Marketing, Production
  • Everdell: Pearlbrook: Game & Creative Development, Writing, Editing, Marketing, Production
  • Everdell: Spirecrest: Game & Creative Development, Editing, Marketing, Production
  • Farlight: Mission Critical: Marketing
  • King's Forge: Apprentices 2nd Edition: Editing, Marketing
  • King's Forge: Glassworks 2nd Edition: Editing, Marketing
  • King's Forge: Masterworks: Editing, Marketing, Production
  • King's Forge: Queen's Jubilee 3rd Edition: Editing, Marketing
  • Master of Wills: Edgehunter: Marketing, Production
  • Nemo's War 2nd Edition: Marketing
  • Nothing Personal: Family Business: Marketing
  • Nothing Personal Revised Edition: Marketing
  • Nothing Personal: Scenes of the Crime: Marketing
  • Penny Lane: Game & Creative Development, Marketing, Production
  • Planetarium: Primordial: Game & Creative Development, Editing, Marketing, Production
  • PolyHero Dice: Rogue Set: Marketing, Production
  • Roll & Seek: Marketing
  • Shadowrift: Boomtown: Editing, Marketing, Production



  • Archmage: Marketing
  • Black Orchestra 2nd Edition: Marketing
  • Everdell: Game & Creative Development, Writing, Editing, Marketing
    • *Winner and nominee of multiple year-end awards for 2018 including a Dice Tower Award. 
      Top 100 overall on BoardGameGeek*
  • King's Forge: Gold: Marketing
  • Shadowrift: Skittering Darkness: Marketing



  • Alien Frontiers 5th Edition: Marketing
  • Keyper: Marketing
  • PolyHero Dice: Wizard Set: Marketing


"It was a pleasure working with Brenna Noonan on development for Everdell and a number of the expansions. She brought fresh and intuitive ideas to the table, and was patient and easy to work with. She has a keen ability to meld game mechanics and thematic ideas together. She has a good sense of humor, and is a hard worker. It has been a delight working with her!"


— James Wilson, designer of Everdell


"I have had the pleasure of working with Brenna both directly and indirectly over the past few years.  I have seen her tireless efforts and great personal investment in all of her projects.  She remains patient and tactful in the face of negativity, and she is able to diffuse many potentially explosive situations.  She is hardworking and intelligent — able to participate in many facets of game development and marketing. She knows games. She knows gamers. She is a true asset to our industry."

— Tim Heerema, designer of Archmage


"It was a pleasure to work with Brenna on A War of Whispers. As a developer, she provided valuable insight on the gameplay and made vital contributions to the final product. She ran a flawless Kickstarter and has coordinated clear and consistent communication between the publisher, customers, and designer. Brenna knows games, she knows the business, and she has the invaluable interpersonal skills that are all too often lacking in this industry. I would work with Brenna again in a heartbeat!"

— Jeremy Stoltzfus, designer of A War of Whispers


You can find me on Twitch streaming Overwatch, League of Legends, and RPGs. I also occasionally guest on actual play streams. I'm currently playing Rekkere on Rod of Seven Parts, an actual play stream with Nerd Immersion. 

Media Highlights

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Read my interview with Girls' Game Shelf!
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Listen to my interview on the Breaking Into Board Games podcast!
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Coming soon!